Beate’s Articles

Book chapters

  • “Mallarmé aux yeux de Debussy”, Mallarmé et la musique, la musique et Mallarmé : l’écriture, l’orchestre, la scène, la voix, ed. Pierre-Henry Frangne, in Aesthética (Presses universitaires de Rennes), forthcoming 2015.
  • “Le poème Tübingen, Jänner de Paul Celan dans la composition contemporaine”, La Musique et Celan, ed. Antoine Bonnet and Frédéric Martneau, editions Hermann, forthcoming December 2014.
  • ‘Borges’s Blindness and Giacometti’s Eyes’, in In(ter)discipline, ed. Beate Perrey and Gillian Beer (Oxford: Legenda Press, 2008), pp. 45-62.
  • ‘Introduction’, pp. ix-x, ‘Chronology’,  pp. xi–xx, ‘Schumann’s Lives, and Afterlives’,  pp. 3–37, in The Cambridge Companion to Schumann [see above, ‘Books’, 2007].
  • ‘Du dialogue à la voix intérieure : le Lied et le Quatuor La Jeune Fille et la Mort’, Schubert en 1997, ed. Xavier Hascher, Presses universitaires de Paris-I, 2007, pp. 20512.
  • ‘Sprachblind: Celan à l’écoute du “Pallaksch” hölderlinien’, in Paul Celan, Le Genre Humain, ed. Maurice Olender and Bernard Badiou (Paris, Éditions du Seuil), 2002.
  • ‘La solitude main-tenue: l’œuvre, l’artiste, l’auditeur’, in Le Concert. Enjeux, fonctions et modalities ed. F. Nicolas and F. Escale (Paris: Éditions Harmattan, 2000), pp. 203–18; Logiques Sociales: Musique et champ social.
  • ‘Rationalisierung von Sinnlichkeit in Heines Lyrischem Intermezzo: Das “Hohelied” als poetisches Modell im Zerrspiegel “kleiner maliziöser Lieder”’ [‘Rationalisation of the Sensual in Heine’s Lyrisches Intermezzo: the Song of Songs as a Poetic Model Reflected in “little malicious songs”’], in Aufklärung und Skepsis, Internationaler Heine-Kongreß 1997 zum 200. Geburtstag, ed. Joseph Kruse, Bernd Witte and Karin Füllner (Stuttgart: Metzler Verlag, 1999), pp. 83346.
  • ‘Shi to Ongaku: Kotenteki.Romanteki Ongaku Bigaku no Jakkan no Shisô ni motozuite’ [‘Poetry and Music: Reflections on Classical and Romantic Aesthetics of Music’], in Bunka no Honyaku Kanôsei [Possibilities of Cultural Translation], ed. Ôhashi Ryôsuke, (Kyôto: Jimbun Shôin Editions, 1993), pp. 2507.

 Articles in refereed journals

  • English translation of ‘Schubert’ by T W Adorno, co-translated with Jonathan Dunsby, Nineteenth-Century Music, special volume on Adorno’s ‘Schubert’ essay, Spring 2005, 714; ‘Introduction’, co-authored with Jonathan Dunsby, 3-6; ‘Exposed: Adorno and Schubert in 1928’, 15-24.
  • ‘Visual Musical Poetry: The Feeling of Pallaksch’, Comparative Criticism, 25, 2004, pp. 12359.
  • “Eyes talked in-to Blindness”: Paul Celan and György Kurtág’, Studia Musicologica Scientiarum Hungaricae, 2002, 43, 3/4, pp. 45167.
  • ‘La musique, l’altérité même de l’imaginaire’, special issue of Unebévue, ed. F. Nicolas and F. Dachet, Lyon, 2001, 23-34.


  • Radio France, series Musique & Parole invited speaker on Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht and reader of parts of Joyce’s Ulysses, 2003.
  • Reader of poetry by Celan, Rilke and Nelly Sachs for Timé, composition for electronics, spectral loud-speakers and female voices by Francois Nicolas, Ircam xommission, CD 2001.


  • Co-author of Nineteenth Century Music: Music and Society, CD ROM (1996) produced under the HEFCE Technology in Learning and Teaching Program (TLTP), coordinated by Nicholas Cook and Jim Samson. Author of the following entries: Politics and Social Change (The French Revolution and the Congress of Vienna); Liberalism; The Middle Class; Dynasties and Nations; Metternich and Censorship; 1848 Revolution; The Public Concert: The Virtuoso; The Choral Society; Music and the Home: The Bourgeois Home; Tastes and Repertories; Music Education: The Institutionalization of Music Education; Music Theory and Pedagogy.
  • Contributor to the English edition of The Art Newspaper (Umberto Allemandi Publishers), the leading newspaper for the international art market.
  • CD reviews for various music journals including Nineteenth-Century Music Review.
    • CD booklets.
  • Pre-concert talks for the Cambridge concert series, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and other venues 1993–2011.

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