Piano Meditation Concerts


Invite your team to a calming and deeply connecting, experiential one-hour performance interweaving music, immersive guided meditation, poetry and sensory learning. This guided music and meditation journey is broadcast live from Paris, featuring luxuriously beautiful classical and contemporary soundscapes from Bach and Mozart to Pärt and Richter. Team members will reconnect with themselves and other, or simply sit back and enjoy.

Including a short and expertly-designed guided mindfulness meditation, participants will enter captivating sound worlds, enabling them to tap into their deep resources of energy and peace lying within each and everyone of us. Feel your breath while experiencing the music’s own breathing rhythms, harmonies and melodies. Discover precious sound jewels hidden within vast and vibrant musical galaxies and be nourished by the music’s deeper meanings.

This Meditation Concert Team Building is performed live from the historic center of Paris Saint-Germain-des-Prés on a majestic full-size Steinway Concert Grand piano Model D.

• Experience Calm, Joy & Ease
• Feel inspired by Beauty & Meaning
• Stay relaxed and grounded

For 10 to 1000 participant 

Three levels of customisation available: send us a message.

Corporate Clients

Over 120 companies and organisations have booked this virtual piano meditation team building experience including Alphabet, Amazon, Accenture, AccentureInteractive, Barclays, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, eBay, Facebook, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Samsara, UCLA Graduate Programs, Stanford Online High School, Princeton University, entertainmentOne, IBM, MindBody, Pinterest, Yara, and more.


“The most life-giving hour of my week” Shauna Hannan, Berkeley, USA

Absolutely meaningful. Book it! 위로와 희망이 되는 시간이었습니다. 망설임 없이 추천합니다!”

Kate Lee, Soul, Korea

“This was amazing experience! I highly recommend booking it for your team. Bea’s wisdom, kindness, generosity, passion, and knowledge of classical music, poetry, and meditation make this experience unforgettable. Her story and expertise is also very unique. It’s extraordinary to see how she blends music, poetry, and meditation together to help people connect, grow, and reflect on what matters. I look forward to attending one of Bea’s meditation concerts again soon.”

Theresa, Palo Alto, USA

“Weaving together meditation, poetry, and music. I’ve never done anything like it. Truly unique. And Bea is a world class musician with deep listening skills, and true compassion. I came away feeling centered, and connected to something larger than myself. Highly recommended.”

Emily, San Francisco, USA

An absolute treat and the type of experience we all need right now during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Sarah Richard, Zurich, Switzerland

“Amazing experience because so personal! “Emotion recollected in tranquillity” as the poet Wordsworth said of his art. Unlike a public or private concert, here the virtual distancing was absolutely perfect for a most powerful, internalised musical experience.

An experience also verbally shared, but without pressure, without pushing, as the player and presenter of the music combines both roles with such ease and serenity. When in the silence after the performance, if we the listeners wished to communicate, we felt we did so was the integrity of the music itself, it was like a welling of water from a source, a natural and unforced thing, some read a poem, others expressed an opinion, another a wordless but expressive hand movement, and others remained silent.

But the silence was goldener than ever. We all experienced, each in our own way, this unusual combination of words and music, and this was the charm. Felt from Moscow to Tokyo, LA… and beyond.

A wonderful experience, and one to follow up on. Many thanks.”

Vincent Morris, London/Paris

Beate Perrey’s spirit-lifting “meditation concert” is a gift for humans awash in a sea of too much information and too little creativity.

You find yourself in her luminous salon at the heart of Paris, enjoying a uniquely engaging presentation of music and meaning you are glad you made time for. 

Drawing on her rich experience of performance, scholarship and teaching across Europe, America and Asia, Dr. Perrey makes the sublime sensibility of Mozart, Chopin, Schumann and more both immediate and intimate.

And by her memorable cultural interpretation and lingering key strokes, this lyrical sherpa can take us to our own wellsprings.

John Fox, Washington


Publishers: Beate’s books have been published by Cambridge University Press and Oxford Legenda Press

Recordings: Beate’s music has been recorded by independent labels

Genre: classical, baroque, modern classical, classical improvisation, contemporary

Location: Paris, France

Style: Bach, Schumann, Mahler, Chick Corea, Max Richter, Arvo Pärt


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