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Piano Meditation Concerts

Immerse yourself in this heart-opening meditative journey across luxuriously beautiful, meaningful soundscapes by Bach, Mozart or others. Reconnect with yourself or simply ‘just’ enjoy.

You’ll be guided in a short mindfulness meditation before entering captivating sound worlds, tapping into the deep resources of energy and peace that lie within each and everyone of us. Feel your breath while experiencing the music’s own breathing rhythms, harmonies and melodies. Discover precious sound jewels hidden within vast and vibrant musical galaxies and be nourished by the music’s deeper meanings.

I’ll be performing on my Steinway Concert Grand piano from my living room in the historic center of Paris Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Experience calm, joy & ease
Feel inspired by beauty & meaning
Stay relaxed and grounded

“The most life-giving hour of my week” Shauna, Berkeley, USA

“Absolutely meaningful. Book it! 위로와 희망이 되는 시간이었습니다. 망설임 없이 추천합니다!” Kate, Soul, Korea

“This was amazing experience! I highly recommend booking it for yourself, friends, or your team. Bea’s wisdom, kindness, generosity, passion, and knowledge of classical music, poetry, and meditation make this experience unforgettable. Her story and expertise is also very unique. It’s extraordinary to see how she blends music, poetry, and meditation together to help people connect, grow, and reflect on what matters. I look forward to attending one of Bea’s meditation concerts again soon.” Theresa, Palo Alto, USA

“weaving together meditation, poetry, and music. I’ve never done anything like it. Truly unique. And Bea is a world class musician with deep listening skills, and true compassion. I came away feeling centered, and connected to something larger than myself. Highly recommended.” Emily, San Francisco, USA

“An absolute treat and the type of experience we all need right now during the COVID-19 pandemic” Sarah, Zurich, Switzerland





Academic Teaching and Research Supervision

• MA

• PhD

• Habilitation

Topics in 19th-21th century music, critical theory and aesthetics.

Course teaching: BA and MA courses covering music history, analysis, criticism and philosophy 1750 to 2000.

Music History 

• 19th century Music: instrumental and vocal

• 19th & 20th century German opera

• The Second Viennese School: Schoenberg, Berg, Webern

• The German Lied from Mozart to Schumann

• 20th Century Definitions

• Historicism in Music

Music Analysis

• Analysis and set work: Dichterliebe, Winterreise, Vier letzte Lieder, Kindertotenlieder etc.

• Analysis and set work: Romantic Song—Schubert, Schumann, Mahler, and Strauss

• Papers in analysis of music from the 18th century to the present

• 3rdyear dissertations on 19th century music subjects

• Music and Critical Theory

Module and Curriculum Design 

Innovative survey courses designed for undergraduates focusing on interactive learning and learning by experience of a broad range of core works of primarily the Classical and Romantic repertoire: chamber music, symphony and concerto repertoire. Teaching method: historical, analytical and experience-based via lectures, classroom discussion, small seminars, individual project management and in-depth individual tutoring, attendance of rehearsals and performances of the studied repertoire.

Institutions: Cambridge University, University College London, Ecole Normale Superieure, Liverpool, EHESS, Reading University, Kings College London.

Piano & Piano Performance

Students are generally of advanced conservatory level or post graduates. Since 2005 piano masterclasses for Fazioli Pianos Paris, Buenos Aires Music Conservatory, Interlochen Arts Academy, Postigano Festival Italy, and Wuhan, China.